CONGRATULATIONS! You're on your way into the Contorture® Chamber and armed with everything you need. OVER 5 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION FOR YEARS OF TRAINING. CHECK OUT THE TRAILER BELOW!

Watch The Trailer:



  • VIDEO 1: The Basics--alignment, breath control/connection, counterbalance, ab smartening, back, hanging backbends, waterfalls, and...more.
  • VIDEO 2: The Inversions--wrist warmup/strengthening, headstand variations, forearmstand, handstand theory and drills. Everything you need to build a solid base to CONTORTURE ® Upon!
  • VIDEO 3: The CONTORTURE® Class--now the fun begins. Join in to a group setting start to finish, find and feel hip strengthening/burning and a smartened core to "backbend from the front" and invert with a new connectedness.
  • VIDEO 4: Weighted Stretching--taking it to the next level with weight plates, dumbbells, bodybars, sawhorses and more; learn how to be your own personal trainer and find just the right push from you for you.
  • VIDEO 5: ADVANCED CONTORTURE®--You've made it. Welcome as I guide you in detail through moves from my act including Mountain, Backbend to Contortion Handstand, Single Leg Contortion Handstand, Standing Scale and more. Shot in a workshop setting with your "fellow students" asking the questions you might be wondering.