CONTORTURE® By The MONTH! STICK with you Contorturist Classmates from around the world...commit to each other and commit to your contortion training!

Welcome to The CONTORTURE® CHAMBER LIVE on Zoom! This class is exclusively for Contorurists who have worked with the 5 Video Download/Streaming Program or can prove that you have worked with Coach ("Uncle") Jonathan Nosan in a workshop or longstanding in person experience--there will be quizes to prove our non virtual relationship. Class is limited to 10 Students from around the world and every week we will focus on a different "experience" and allow "FREESTYLE" time at the end for tips on tricks and moves that you are working on. As you would: Have a mat and block handy  (if you are into mats and blocks) and of course...A STICK.

PRE REQUISITES: You must be able to hold a handstand against the wall for 30 seconds, hold a tripod handstand without a wall for 30 seconds, and a bridge/full wheel for 30 seconds.