CONTORTURE DVD: All 5 Contortion Videos on 1 Disk!

CONGRATULATIONS! You're on your way into the Contorture® Chamber and armed with everything you need to train safe and smart extreme flexibility on your own anywhere in the world! ALL 5 VIDEOS ON ONE the Bonus Video!
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From Basics to Pro, CONTORTURE® is a new method of conscious mobility to deepen your stretch through strength and breath. Jonathan’s 20 years of contortion and 10 years of coaching will teach you to “Backbend from the Front” and achieve your flexibility dreams.

  • VIDEO 1: The Basics--alignment, breath control/connection, counterbalance, ab smartening, hanging backbends, and waterfalls!
  • VIDEO 2: The Inversions—wrist strengthening, headstand variations, forearmstand, handstand theory and drills. Everything you need to build your base to CONTORTURE Upon! 
  • VIDEO 3: The CONTORTURE Chamber--now the fun begins. Join the group with four demonstrators at different levels to follow along, finding new hip feelings/strengthening/burning and a smartened core to "backbend from the front" and invert with a new connectedness. 
  • VIDEO 4: Weighted Stretching—take it to the next level with weight plates, dumbbells, bodybars, sawhorses and more; learn how to be your own personal trainer and find just the right push from you for you. 
  • VIDEO 5: ADVANCED CONTORTURE®--You've made it. Jonathan will guide you in detail through his act including Mountain, Backbend to Contortion Handstand, Single Leg Contortion Handstand, Standing Scale and more. 
  • Bonus Video! Learn how Jonathan started training contortion at 22, training flexibility from ZERO!

Shot in a workshop setting with your "fellow students" asking the questions you might be wondering.

Int’l Workshops Include: Pole Expo, Int’l Pole Con, Int’l Contortion Convention Las Vegas/Cologne, Israel, London, Zurich, Brisbane and Now on Your Screen!

Featured In: The Wall Street Journal, The NY Post, Yahoo Health, NY Times and more!

"Jonathan is one of the best flexibility and contortion trainers worldwide.”
Ska von Schöning, International Contortion Convention

"Many students out there will be relieved to finally have great advice and guidance from a professional artist that knows his craft. Thank youJonathan for this amazing project."
Nina Burri, Contortionist

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